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Thanks to our exclusive Partner Techno Plastic Industry (Visit the Website), Member of the Bin Hayl Group (Website), Aquavital has a impressive stand at the Big Show in Muscat this year. The excellent work of the local team in Oman is setting the signs on another expansion of the market in the gulf region.


As in the last years Aquavital, the leading limescale magnet with megaspin, is visiting the Big 5 again.

Since we have already met last year we would be happy to see you again on our Stand

Zabel Y172

The Big 5 open it’s doors from the 23rd until the 26th of November 2015, daily from 11:00 to 19:00.

We are looking forward to meeting you again!

Big 5 2014

Big 5 2014

Aquavital ist zurück auf der größten Bau- und Konstruktionsmesse!